Thursday, September 07, 2006

They're on Pandora

Good news. now includes two tracks from Parchment - Love is Come Again and Son of God. That's because their library now includes the Under the Silent Tree compilation of 70s acid folk (see earlier blog).

I'm looking forward maybe to hearing some other tracks from the compilation on pandora as I have not got round to getting it yet. Most of the reviews identified the Parchment songs as the highlights of the album so the rest is intriguing.

You can listen to the Parchment songs on pandora simply by entering their names or the name of the band. Both these songs come from the Light Up the Fire album.

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pf said...

A quick search on Pandora's new Backstage section will lead you to a page of samples from Under the Silent Tree. Most of the songs seem incredibly resonant of the late 60s, early 70s - a lot of fun if you like that era - but you can see how the Parchment tracks stand out.

Full name of the album:
Various Artists: Under The Silent Tree: Psychedelic Pstones IV