Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Rough chronology

Late 60s - precursor band, Trinity Folk, begin the rounds in Liverpool. Sue McClellan joins aged 16.
1970? - Trinity Folk feature on Sound Vision in Concert album, recorded at a big event in Albert Hall, London.
1972 - Parchment formed with Sue McClellan, John Pac and Keith Rycroft. Light Up the Fire is theme song of Festival of Light. Released as a single, charting at number 31.
Light Up the Fire album released by Pye records.

1973 - Hollywood Sunset released by Pye records.
Keith Rycroft quits the band. Jeff Crow joins the band.
1974 - A third album is recorded with Pye but never released.
1975 - Shamblejam released by Myrrh records with Brian Smith as third member. Also released in USA. By now the band is based in Bristol.
1977 - Rehearsal for a Reunion released with Pete Yates-Round as third member. A new, slow version of Light Up the Fire is the last track. The band embark on a farewell tour.
1978 - Band's last appearance, at Greenbelt Festival, concludes with Light Up the Fire singalong
1976-? - Band form production team for Pilgrim and Grapevine labels.
1998 - River, led by Sue Mack, releases the self-published Praise Him in the Streets.
2001 - River releases Rise Like the Sun
2004 - River releases Shadow and Flame followed rapidly by River LIVE at Riverhouse, a recording of the Shadow and Flame launch concert on October 8 2004, featuring a mixture of their own music, Lennon and McCartney songs and world music.
2004- Kingsway Records, headed by John Paculabo, releases a 3-CD compilation album, simply...Parchment with the sub-heading Light Up the Fire
2005 - Parchment songs Son of God and Love is Come Again appear on acid folk compilation CDs.
2006 - River announces last gig to be performed in December


pf said...

Some of these dates are out by a few months.

Hollywood Sunset was released in late 1973, Shamblejam in late 1975, and Rehearsal for a Reunion in October 1977.

pf said...

March 2007 - Just picked up a big mistake and corrected it. Keith Rycroft was described as Keith Routledge in the original post. Routledge was I think with Meet Jesus Music. Amazing how names stick over the years.

pf said...

Further corrections and additions to make this the definitive chronology

Ian Roy Millington said...

i only have the first two albums., exceptionally good.
will now seek out the follow-ups, and am now cognisant of River., Thank You