Saturday, September 23, 2006

Trinity Folk live!

 Some pictures of the Trinity Folk from 1971, showing they were a four-piece band. The linchpin appears to have been John Pac. The first picture is from the Sound Vision in Concert album sleeve from 1971.

The second appears to have been an event, in Liverpool from September 1971.

The caption lists the group members as Pete (guitar, autoharp and mandolin), Sue (guitar),Norman (banjo and guitar) and John (guitar & sitar). So no Keith Ryecroft at this point. Pete and Norman would appear to be the same guys as at Sound Vision but a year later they had been replaced by Keith Rycroft. The puzzle is that the woman looks nothing like Sue McClellan.

 Either the photo has been crudely edited - or Sue McClellan's predecessor was another 'Sue'. Not impossible, but the date suggests the explanation is some crude editing with scissors and pen that went wrong.


john said...

Yeah editor, you are right, crude editing, it is Sue for sure

john pac

cool site by the way

Anonymous said...

The Sound Vision in Concert picture shows Norman, Sue, Jim and John.
The next picture is from the "It's Buzz" tour and shows Pete, Sue, Norman and John.

pf said...

Thanks for this info. Do you have surnames for Pete, Norman and Jim?