Friday, February 09, 2007

Whitsuntide Easter and Grapevine

This is Whitsuntide Easter performing in their home country of Holland. Although they were advertised as performing at the Kamperland Festival in 1978 they did not attend.

The Heavenly Grooves blog now has Grapevine's Whitsuntide Easter Next Time You Play a Wrong Note...make it a short one album to download.
So we can stop saving our pennies for this rarity of rarities. Production was by John Pac and Pete Yates-Round. The sound? very much progressive rock in the Dutch tradition with long instrumental introductions and the merest smidgeon of folk influence.

I'll be reviewing a range of the less valuable Grapevine albums in the near future. What's becoming clear is how the team from Parchment truly put their stamp on this label, leading to consistently interesting production work over a series of several hundred, very diverse albums.

This was our posting sometime ago with a picture of Parchment playing at the 1978 Kamperland Festival, which was in Holland.

(Download policy: we'll post links to downloads for albums that are not available in CD form or readily on the second hand market. If you're a copyright holder and have objections, please let us know)
(Posting up-dated Jan 2008 to make clear venue was not Kamperland Festival. There's also a discussion on this on the next post)


pf said...

This album was Grapevine 109, dated as 1977

pf said...

This link tells more of the Whitsuntide Easter story and how they came not to attend Kamperland despite being advertised. It is in Dutch.

jan said...

it IS Whitsuntide Easter, but not on the festival, but in a small Youth for Christ location in the hague where I took the picture. If someone still wants to pay big bucks for the album, then you can buy mine :-) If you want more info write jjdoorn[at] regards,

pf said...

Okay I've updated the main posting just to make it trebly clear. The album sells for sums quoted of between $400 to $600 dollars on the second hand market. I saw a CD version on ebay the other day. Any idea if it is legitimate?