Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ship Out on the Ocean - Mary McKee with Parchment

Mary Mckee is a sweet-voiced singer of country songs from Northern Ireland and mostly performed with a band called The Genesis (not the Phil Collins Genesis).

She made a solo album with the Pilgrim label in 1977 and the production team was provided by Parchment - as was the backing music.

So her album Meanings of My Life, features contributions by John Pac, Sue McClellan and Pete Yates-Round.

On the album is a cover of a Parchment song, the Keith Rycroft written, Ship Out on the Ocean, which features on the Light Up the Fire album.

The Light Up the Fire version is quite lavish - so it's intriguing to see the band working on a more stripped down version with McKee. Pete Yates-Round's guitar work is sublime.

And this raises an interesting question: is it a cover of the song by Mary McKee - or is it in truth a remake of the song by Parchment working with Mary McKee?

Here's a video we made of the track.

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