Saturday, December 24, 2016

12 days of Christmas quiz

Many of the answers to this quiz can be found on the site - but not all. In some cases we may not even know the answers.

1/ Which album records that "at Bethlehem in Israel the baby boy was born"?

2/ Which work by which artist connects the albums Hollywood Sunset and Shamblejam?

3/ The Parchment song Light Up the Fire reached number 32 in the UK pop charts. What song was top of the charts that week?

4/ The album Shamblejam has one song that was previously recorded for the unreleased "lost album". Who wrote the song?

5/ Which Parchment song was a tribute to an arts group in their home city of Liverpool?

6/ What band did Sue McClellan join after Parchment?

7/ Which members of Trinity Folk did not go on to become part of Parchment?

8/ Which Dutch rock album, released by Grapevine, currently retails for 208 dollars on the second hand market?

9/ Which band, produced by Parchment on Grapevine, had a band member who had a cousin who was in ...Parchment?

10/ Name three songs, written by or sung by Sue McClellan, about dreams?

11/ Which prominent Grapevine artist seemed to disagree with Sue's dreaming?

12/ How many versions of the song Light Up the Fire did the band record?

And if you want some Christmas listening, here is a link to our Parchment Christmas collection