Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Acid Folk

Another sign of the Parchment mini-revival.

A compilation CD called "Under the Silent Tree" was released last year as the fourth in the series Psychedelic Pstones. It's part of a series collecting psychedelic sounding tracks from the 60s and 70s. Its sleeve bears the slogan "Suddenly the forest was buzzing with weird electronic feedback".

Among its 23 tracks, including the likes of the Kinks, are two tracks from the Light Up the Fire album, Son of God and Love is Come Again.

There's no point in buying the CD to hear these tracks - but it provides an insight into the band's unique sound.

According to one on-line reviewer (and there are several reviews to be found) "Parchment’s ‘Love Is Come Again’ has the same vibe as the Wickerman soundtrack but is shot through with melodies Fairport could've graced their first four albums with. "

Some catalogues classify Parchment's music as acid folk. It was the sitar!

Here's a link to the Pstones series on musicstack:¤cy=USD&find=Psychedelic%20Pstones

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pf said...

Here's a link to Son of God, playing on an online acid folk radio station,, in December last year.

wfmu? weird freaky music perhaps?