Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Singles

1972 Light Up the Fire b/s Let There Be Light
Where Can I Find You/ Working Man
You Were On My Mind b/s Rock N Roll Part Time
You Are My Morning b/s Getting Out of This Town

A live version of Working Man, a pure folk ballad, was recorded by Trinity Folk on the Sound Vision in Concert album.

Where Can I Find You was on the Light Up the Fire album.

The third single contains two songs not recorded on any albums until last year. You Were on My Mind was a lost Parchment classic, now available on the simply...Parchment album. The copy I have is described as a promo, not for resale. The b-side appears to be taking the micky out of the one-time British pop star Gary Glitter (now disgraced).

The two songs on the fourth single are both from Hollywood Sunset. I remember the album being released with quite a lot of publicity but do not recall any attempts to promote this single. The title song of the album was in my view the most commercial song. You Are My Morning was a great ballad and may have been released on the back of a fashion for tear-jerker, guitar ballads, notably Terry Jack's Seasons in the Sun. Getting out of This Town is one of a number of terrific, poppy, up-tempo songs on this album.

And here's a picture of the original Light Up the Fire single sleeve, rescued from a second-hand shop sometime in the late 70s. All that hair! At some time I'll try to get a better copy.


pf said...

Thanks to the wonders of the web you can now sample the original "Light Up the Fire" at the following
I stress, this is only a sample and there is a great deal more to the original.

pf said...

The clips don't seem to be playing now on my computer so here is a link to the whole page on a Dutch web site that sells the Simply...Parchment CD.

Anonymous said...

pf call me at Kingsway and I'll help you with the rearch if you want to complete the site

john pac

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, John. I will certainly call you. It may be a few days before I am able to.