Thursday, June 30, 2005

The lost album

According to John Pac's sleeve notes on Simply Parchment, the band made a third album with Pye that was never released. Pac says he has tried without success to trace the master tracks.

The album would have come between Hollywood Sunset and Shamblejam. We can only speculate what Parchment classics have been lost for ever. Presumably some of the songs ended up on Shamblejam. Would it have included the mini-masterpiece single You Were on My Mind which did not find its way on to an album until the release of the Simply Parchment compilation last year?

It must be one of gospel music's greatest mysteries.


louismorgan2655 said...
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mauriceprice4317 said...

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john said...

Indeed this was the third of our three album deal for Pye records which was never released.
Unfortunately the 2 inch masters were also misssing at least those that had vital tracks on them, and there has been no sight of the rough mixes. Believe me I've searched everywhere and asked everyone.
There were some great Classic tracks on this album.....Chicago North West, originally recorded by Juicy Lucy, Fast train by John (another Getting out of this town type), How can a poor man stand such times as this (a Ry Cooder great, sung by Sue), Money Honey, which was a brilliant version of a classic, Denomination Blues a different version to the one on later albums, People and Places likewise...........can't recall the rest, but it was unfinished.


pf said...

Welcome John!

Dixie Dean said...

A cassette copy of the lost album was found by Geoff, one of the bands bassists, and it has now been transcribed onto a CD. The quality isn't HiFi but at least we can hear the songs again.

pf said...

Hi, Dixie. Is the CD being made available for general listening?