Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well the growing interest in Shamblejam is creating rarity value.

One vinyl seller now prices it at 149.92 dollars.

Google now lists 90 mentions of it, many of them in groups and blogs over the last twelve months.

For instance has recent mentions praising this album and Light Up the Fire - this on a site which is pretty cynical about the Jesus music scene.

The problem is the Simply Parchment collection is simply not good enough. All four albums were produced as concepts by John Pantry and mixing the tracks up undermines the work of the fourth "member" of the band, John Pantry as producer.

Reputedly the other British Jesus folk band of the period, Water into Wine Band saw the price of their second album Harvesttime reach some 900 dollars on the internet. Somebody then brought it out as a CD, which I have. It is well worth a listen but is not nearly as dynamic as, say, Shamblejam. And where did the name come from? I have never been able to find any clues. It is likely John Pac would tell us if it was reissued.

Thankfully I have Shamblejam on tape so I can listen to it in the car. I do have the vinyl and I'm not selling it. Time for a CD, Kingsway?


pf said...

The last sale of the Water into Wine Band Harvesttime LP on ebay in October fetched £387.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if Parchment, or at least the members put together a boxed set on CD. I have searched high and low for a website and thanks to you guys and this awesome tribute blog, at least there is a history. Not even on Wikipedia ? Oh, well....

pf said...

There is a boxed CD set, the Simply...Parchment collection. The tracks are mixed up and one or two are excluded but most of it is there.

Agree about Wikipedia!