Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas treat

"Upon a frosted winter, upon a frosty morn, at Bethelehem in Israel, the baby boy was born"

Here on YouTube are Trinity Folk performing Working Man on the Sound Vision in Concert album. There are two versions of this song, both acapella - so none of the instruments on the video are actually played during this performance. The second version was the B-side of the single of Where Can I Find You, released by Parchment, as the band was called by this time. I have only just listened to it for the first time and the vocals are quite different to the original (or it may be the 45 speed on my player) - but the harmonies are clearer. It has a slightly different ending - and that's appended. You can see the video reflects the transition from Trinity Folk(some of whose members still remain nameless - anyone?) to Parchment.

Working Man does not appear on the Simply...Parchment CD set, maybe because that second recording was not as good as the original.

* Sometime ago I said there was only one tribute to Parchment on Youtube. I was quite wrong - there are many, many versions of Light Up the Fire, often called "Colours of Day". What is needed is a video of the original, certainly in time for the 40th anniversary. I wonder if Derri Daugherty had heard the original his rendition of the song might have been more lively?

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