Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The return of acid folk?

Today has been World Aids Day but has also marked another momentous event - the launch of a new album by 70s acid folk legends Caedmon. A Chicken to Hug is their second only studio album. Many of the songs will be familiar to those of us who attended their reunion gig. In nearly 40 years they've all had different life stories but have managed to work together successfully. Sadly Amazon's dispatching seems to have got mixed up with the Christmas rush - so no idea when my copy will arrive, perhaps in Santa's sack? You can find much of the back story at the Amazon page. Also at their own site where there are samples and a link to a new Youtube video.


Ken Patterson said...

Hi pf

Let us know when the cd arrives. They do have stock now, after a snow hold up, should'nt be long.

pf said...

Hi Ken. Hope that means the first batch was a sell-out for you!

pf said...

and it has arrived. Great packaging!

pf said...

Wow! Recognisably Caedmon. Three tracks so far.

pf said...

Great album! Love it!

Ken Patterson said...

Hurrah, It's arrived!

New review on Cross Rhythms

Have a great Christmas pf

pf said...

And you, Ken!

Ken Patterson said...


Hope you're tip top?

Please could you do a review of A Chicken to Hug?

The initial interest in the album is waning and we're looking for new reviews to flag up on Facebook and elsewhere.



pf said...

Ken, under way! It may be a reflection as much as a review