Thursday, August 19, 2010

From the City to the Sea

John Neill. From the City to the Sea. 1976. Producers Sue McClellan and Pete Yates-Round. GRV 107.
This was another of the Grapevine label's early releases, put out directly after the last Parchment album Rehearsal for a Reunion. It's now available as a download on the Ancient Star Song site.

The label liked neat work on the acoustic guitar and this album is one of the best. Like quite a few Grapevine and Pilgrim artists, John Neill came from Ireland - and is a talented song-writer. In fact this album is so good it may find its way on to my mp3.

There's harmonica and, according to The Archivist, also dulcimer. I haven't heard it yet but I shall be listening again to find it. Does anyone have a sleeve shot?

Looking at our Grapevine discography, I see there are still one or  two albums that haven't been identified. What was GRV117 in 1978 or numbers 127 and 130 in 1979?

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