Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fast Train - Tribute to John Pac

Here for the first time is a song from Parchment's "lost" third album.

 Last year John Pac talked of making some of these tracks available. We have selected this song Fast Train, which John wrote, as it seems it held a special place in his heart. When you listen, you will understand why. The song was performed with Sue McClellan and Jeff Crow.

This video tribute also includes clips from three other Parchment/ John Pac tracks not currently available on Youtube:
Zip Bam Boo, Glory Shone Around and the ending of the original Light Up the Fire single - the bit that does not get sung in schools!
Zip Bam Boo appears on the Light Up the Fire album and Glory Shone Around on Rehearsal for a Reunion



Norman Nabney said...

Really moving tribute - thanks. I'm so glad you included the photo I posted - @1.12 - of John in Belfast 1974. Good times - and even better to come! Norman

pf said...

Thanks for sharing the photo, Norman.