Monday, September 03, 2012

#lutf40 anniversary entry

Here's a great entry that's come in for the Light Up the Fire 40th Anniversary contest. Don't forget the deadline for entries is on Saturday. There may be extensions granted - please contact us, pfblog99 at,  if you want a little more time.

 Does anybody know how many songs were entered for the original contest in 1972? Parchment won it with Light Up the Fire. The singer Judy Mackenzie came second with Let There Be Light. This latest entry follows the theme.

 We are now in the 40th anniversary of the month of the release. The song hit the charts and charted at the end of September. I do not have the date of its release - I would imagine mid-September. Not high but check out our original posting to see who and what else was in the charts. The competition was very, very tough.

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