Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just before we announce details of the 40th anniversary competition - yes it will be a competition - here is the nearest you will get to the sound of Parchment in the modern world.

I came across these wonderful twin sisters, the Carrivick Sisters, recently. They combine English folk and US bluegrass - rather like Parchment did often, especially on Rehearsal for a Reunion.

Their instruments include the dobro - featured here, the mandolin, guitars but also the banjo and fiddle. They also frequently sing in harmony. Sadly as there's only two of them you  mostly only get combinations of any two in any one song. They don't do gospel and although the ingredients of the mix are similar to Parchment, the sound isn't so similar. Did Parchment even play the dobro like that?? But if ever you want to see a dobro in action, track them down as they seem to perform live incessantly. This link takes you to some comments John Pac made on this site a few years ago about Parchment's dobro.

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