Saturday, January 21, 2012

Light Up the Fire - Schools version

Here's a lovely video of a schools version of Light Up the Fire

It's the 40th anniversary of the song this year. What are we going to do to mark it? I have some ideas this site may sponsor. Any ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

Would be a great idea to release a box set of ALL Parchments songs including the lost album . That would be a good way to celebrate for sure . Or atleast release a compilation of all material not on the 3CD .

Anonymous said...

John once mentioned he would have liked to try and get a copy of Parchment'sTOPs appearance from the BBC archives. I don't think he did though. I believe that would be something many would like to see again.

pf said...

It would be an amazing find, especially as there is no live footage of Parchment in circulation. Sadly my researchers suggest it was one of the episodes that was wiped. The only hope is that it turns up on a video in someone's back garage or overseas. It happens!