Monday, February 15, 2010

Some updates

There's been quite a lot of activity involving two of the bands we've been taking an interest in.

Firstly Caedmon have announced plans for the first live gigs of the reunited band. They are to take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 7th and the 8th. Details on their website. Looking forward to it!

Caedmon have also now made all the tracks of their original, highly valued album available for listening on their site - along with some of their new material.

Dana Lee Winner, formerly Dana Lee Price, has also made many of the Dave and Dana songs available for listening on her website. There are 13 tracks from the original albums together with some of her new material.  At a guess, I think it is all the original material written by the duo - with the covers of other artists omitted, presumably for copyright reasons. That means you get amazing tracks like Come on In, He's Not a Rumour and Right Track but you still have to find the albums to listen to equally amazing versions of songs like Empty-Handed and Still Waters.

Our tracking shows that, even though it's four months since we last posted anything, interest in Parchment and their legacy is still high with many daily visits to this site. Let's hope this encourages others!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for making it to Edinburgh, lovely to meet you.

We'd welcome a review.......

Ken Patterson

pf said...

Ken, it was an amazing gig! Hoping to do a fuller review soonish.