Monday, May 04, 2009

Green Anthem

A copy of Reynard's Green Anthem just sold on e-bay for £51. This was the first time I've seen a cover shot of the Liverpool electric folk band's second album, released in 1979, and featuring classics such as Leviathan, Gadera Moor and Angel Wings.


Peter Yates-Round said...

You should have said! I would have scanned the cover and reverse and sent it in a long time ago. I have file copies of a few others that you may/may not have, I will look through and see if there are any that may be of interest.

pf said...

Thanks for the offer, which would be great.
What I have in the pipeline are Paul and Sharon Reid, Tranquility, Hope of Glory(but no cover for HoG), Stewart and Kyle(no covers) and a full review of Dave Kelly's excellent album. For the rest, if they're not here I haven't got them! Also one or two gaps still in the Grapevine discography.