Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring is sprung

Today is a glorious spring day in the UK and what better way to celebrate it than to get out the old copy of Light Up the Fire - the album - or even the CD, get out the elderflower cordial and give it a spin at full volume. It just reeks of spring.

From the moment when "colours of day dawn into the mind" , we're off through the park and letting  the fruit grow.

Then it's  over by the waterfall/ I'll come when I hear you call/ at your next convenient sunrise.

In the park it's time to ride on the  roundabout and very soon  the green blade rises, the greatest spring song of all.

Then we're looking forward to the carelessness of summer  (it's a cheating game to play) and heralding  summer's coming and the warm smile of the sun.

And all the while the mandolin hums and the guitars strum and pluck out melodies. The sound has never been bettered!

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