Thursday, October 16, 2008

The lost album - full credits

John Pac has supplied the full list of credits for the lost album:

1/ Money Honey (Jesse Stone)
2/ Wild, Wild Woman (John Pac)
3/ I Really Don't Mind/Jet Plane (Sue McClellan)
4/ Denomination Blues (Washington Phillips)
5/ Chicago North Western (Juicy Lucy)
6/ Fast Train (John Pac)
7/ Morning Love, Morning Freedom (Sue McClellan)
8/ How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live (Ry Cooder/ Alfred Reed)
9/ Tom (John Pac)
10/ You Mean a Lot to Me (Sue McClellan)
11/ We're Over Here (John Pac)
12/ People and Places (John Pac/Sue McClellan))
13/ A Matter of Time (John Pac)

Band members: John Pac, Sue McClellan, Jeff Crow

This shows the album had more original songs than I thought at first. Wild Wild Woman and Chicago North Western were to have been singles. I had tracked down several other "wild woman" songs but John's rendering of the concept compared with the best of them.

He says Wild, wild woman was not written for anyone in particular. Fast Train was written for his future wife, who lived in the west of England and Tom was written for his cat Mr Jinx.

There's still uncertainty about what will happen with the material. John's current thinking is that it's too unfinished to publish as a cohesive album. It would be a shame if the band's many fans never got a chance to hear any of it. If you're one of those, why not post your ideas here.


Anonymous said...

please just put a download up or a cdr in circulation, as many bands now do of their live shows and demos. we all know it's an unfinihsed work, or work in progress... but we'd still like to hear it!

Russell said...

Why not finish it as John would have envisaged it may have sounded like had it been released in 1974 . It's amazing what can be done in a studio . Can't see anyone objecting - perhaps the others could even contribute . Come to that hows about a reunion now that River has finished and new material - !! ? Now that would be something to celebrate .

mike wade said...

I'm was the drummer on most of Parchment's recordings including the Lost Album.
I have a raw cassette of some of the tracks being played back to the band which John Pantry gave me.
So Mr Pac, if you're listening, should you decide it's too rough for general release, could you do me a massive favour and let me have a copy for my archive - it's the only thing missing.......

Mike Wade xx