Monday, September 01, 2008

Pack Up Your Sorrows

Whilst mining YouTube I've come across an original version of Pack Up Your Sorrows played by its authors Richard and Mimi Farina together with Pete Seeger. It's a great recording and Richard Farina is playing the dulcimer, a much under-rated instrument.

Parchment's amazing version is of course nothing like this! Here's a sample from the CrossRhythms site.

Here's a link to our original posting on the history of this song...


pf said...

Sadly the video has been removed from YouTube. I hope one or two people managed to catch it while it was there.

According to YouTube there was a "terms of use violation". Curious and sad because other postings of this TV gig with Richard and Mimi Farina and Pete Seeger are still available. This link will take you to a dulcimer song.

pf said...

I just checked and the video is back whilst the dulcimer video has been removed. It looks like there may be a copyright tussle going on. Best thing is to search youtube with Richard Farina.