Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kevin Gould

Kevin Gould, who was responsible for the marvellous Clear Vision album on Grapevine has been in touch with a number of sites seeking archive material. Kevin's bringing out a new album and it sounds like an interesting project. He plans to link it with a website and is looking for pictures of his early career, which kicked off in 1973. The 1978 Clear Vision album had Parchment providing backing vocals as a band and we wondered if this was the last recording of them performing together as a band.

If you can help, you can find more details at the Ancient Star Song

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Kevin Gould said...

Thank you for the kind comments about "Clear Vision". The time in the studio making it was very special. I have great memories. I appreciate your willingness to put the word out about the new project too. Thank you!

Having Sue Pete and John on "Clear Vision" was a delight. The backing vocals on that album are second to none, They were all arranged by John and for the most part Sue, Pete and I sang them together although there is a lot of multiple tracking going on. I believe that John sang backing vocals with Pete and Sue on several songs too. John's aarrangemets were incredible. He has such a great ear.

They were all great to work with.