Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some Grapevine goodies

Unity. Changes. 1978.
Producer: John Pantry. Grapevine 123.
A terrific Abba style album of mid-70s pop. Side one bops all the way through. Side 2 is slower, mainly devoted to beautifully sung ballads, but its first track Mr Goodlife is a disco classic which sounds as much like the contemporary Scissor Sisters as anyone else.

This band seems to have hailed from Ayr, Scotland, and included somewhere between 16 and 18 members, of whom five sung as soloists. The mainstays were the Goudie brothers and the drummer Ray Goudie has continued to be influential musically, writing the musical Luv Esther.

As for the rest of the band members, this is their group picture from the back of the album. A group of denim-clad mid-70s young people. Are you among them?


pf said...

Have managed to obtain a copy of Unity's 1976 album, released on the Oasis label (no 1002) and produced by Dave Pope with Andy Kidd as engineer. A very different and plainer production to John Pantry's Grapevine version of the band. A lot of piano, a little bit of jazz but not such a pop sound. 19 members in the band at the time, six of them members of the Goudie family.

pf said...

There's now a download of Unity available at the Ancient Star Song