Monday, November 13, 2006

Will there be a reunion?

I understand there are hopes for a reunion of the Christian "Liverpool Scene" of which Parchment was central.

The event has been styled Roundabout 2008 and aims to reunite the people who worked with Roundabout Multimedia. The musicians cited are Trinity Folk, Parchment, Keith Rycroft and Reynard.

Liverpool is to be the European Capital of Culture in 2008. The Roundabout 2008 website doesn't contain much information but is going to be worth keeping an eye on.


Jon said...

This sheds new light on the third track on Light Up the Fire, called Roundabout.

It's always been one of my favourite tracks on this album (along with the other 11) and could be the next candidate for compilation CDs.

This demystifies it a little. Shame!

Brian said...

Keep me posted. I was a member of the the 'Gospel Mesengers' the group which started Keith and David Rycroft on their way. I was a founder member of Roundabout and their first Technical Director.

pf said...

Phil Janvier's blog has some more information.

Phil Janvier said...

Phil Janvier here ex member and now a friend of Roundabout, we performed with Reynard for all the 9 years I was a member of Roundabout and yes David Rycroft is a cousin of Keith, also Dave's wife Lynne is still a member of Roundabout.