Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tracks not on CD

My vinyl records are currently under in storage while we sell house, up sticks and move - so this list is not necessarily exhaustive.

The following songs do not appear on the Simply...Parchment CD. Clearly a decision was taken not to include all the album tracks - I would hope with a view eventually to rerelease the albums on CD. Part of the reason for non-inclusion may be embarrassing content for Kingsway, which is now very much a mainstream Christian record label.

From Light Up the Fire - Zip Bam Boo (possibly too irreverent but, originally, a favourite track on the album, hook line - zip bam boo, zama lama la boo, you can't keep a good boy down);
from Hollywood Sunset - all tracks included, surprisingly;
Shamblejam - Shine on Me, no obvious reason for exclusion but probably the least of three tracks on this album that typified the band's sound at this time;
Rehearsal for a Reunion - Borders of Belief, certainly the slowest track on this album;
- Golden Game, not their own song but an acapella rendition of a spiritual, specifically praised on the One Way site's review of the band. There was another contemporary, possibly slightly earlier, version by the Incredible String Band, from which this may have been lifted. I have found some alternative lyrics which sound as though they may be the original.

Of the single b-sides:
Working Man, a major omission, originally recorded live in their Trinity Folk incarnation on Sound Vision in Concert and appeared as a studio recording on the Better than Yesterday single. This showed the band writing a classic English folk song;
Rock and Roll part time - not a major loss, a misplaced attempt to record acoustic rock and roll.

From Sound Vision in Concert:
Do you want to laugh - not as sophisticated as their later music but a great folk sing along.
And, of course, Working Man


Anonymous said...

Plus a great track - Still Waters - from Rehearsal is also unfortunately not included on the 3CD .

It would indeed have been great to have the complete work of Parchment together but there must have been reasons for the omissions .

The rediscovered tracks should also be released on CD .

pf said...

Hi I think Still Waters is renamed as "Walk Beside Me" on the CD set.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... How stupid of me . I actually forgot with the title being changed . I tend to use the CD now instead of playing the albums . Thanks for reminding and correcting me .